“Black and Sexy Baby!” ~ Black&SexyTv Wrap Party at The Grove

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I had the pleasure of attending the Black@SexyTv Wrap Party at Mixology 101 at The Grove last night with my sister. Both she and I are fans of the network and the great shows they create: The Number, The Couple, That Guy, RoomieLoverFriends and HelloCupid.

Black&SexyTV was created by Dennis Dortch, Numa Perrier and Jeanine Daniels in 2011 as a platform to showcase their independent projects.  Each show is different, but the one constant, is that each show is interesting and has characters that we can relate to. Who doesn’t know a couple like Chick and Dude? Who doesn’t have a homeboy like Judah or homegirl like Tamiko? Maybe you’ve never gone as far as Whitney and Robin, but who hasn’t at least thought about online dating?

Recently B&S asked it’s fans to “pass the collection plate” to help raise funds for the next season. The call to action was answered and the network’s goal of $20,000 was exceeded. With the help of it’s loyal and generous fans, $25, 569 was raised. As a way to thank its fans, B&S TV had a Wrap Party where all were welcomed. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, and networking.

Thanks, Black&SexyTV for including your fans, we can’t wait to see what next season will bring…

To get caught up on all things Black&Sexy click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkRwfQRsQ4UK-iR8JsZRP9w

Are you fans of Black&SexyTV? 


French Toast Frenzy…

This morning I woke up determined to do one thing…. Eat french toast :/

How does one satisfy her craving for french toast when she doesn’t have eggs, sliced bread or syrup? She improvises!!! She googles and she visits YouTube…

I went on YouTube and searched for Vegan French Toast recipes and found a few interesting ones.

The first video I watched was from Sweet Potato Soul. In her vid, she made heart shaped vegan french toast with goji berrie syrup. She used almond milk, flour, vanilla extract and cinnamon for her batter. The french toast was cute, but it didn’t look like what I was craving. Check out her super cute vid here: http://youtu.be/G8mN2Me6xAw

The next vid was by Zombiegate, Vegan French Toast and Zombies (shrug). Despite the theatrics with the zombies, their french toast looked amazingly decadent and delicious. However this recipe still wasn’t the one for me: http://youtu.be/xocic1orcN0

The last vid was from EcoVeganGal and she tried three different recipes. The last batter looked rich and luxurious with a perfect consistency. However, she didn’t use oil and her finished product looked… interesting to say the least…. http://youtu.be/U3O0meTVCUE

All three YT vids gave me great ideas for making what I’m calling my Banana Coconut French Toast… My recipe is below. (No exact measurements were used, I pretty much eye-balled it)



  • Half a banana
  • a heaping tablespoon of Nutiva Coconut Manna
  • about 1/2 -1 cup Almond/Coconut Milk combination (I mixed homemade almond milk and homemade coconut milk together, store bought is fine)
  • cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract

Coconut Agave “Syrup”

  • 2 tablespoons of melted Nutvia Coconut Manna
  • 2 tablespoons of Agave nectar (not agave syrup)

I don’t buy sliced bread because I don’t eat it often and I don’t like the way it tastes when you freeze, then defrost it… So, I used the only “bread” I had, which was Greek pita bread that I purchased from the farmer’s market.

I sliced the bread into four squares, dipped it in the batter and placed in a hot skillet that had been greased with coconut oil. After all the french toast was done, I mixed together the coconut manna and agave nectar until it was smooth and creamy. I garnished the french toast with the coconut agave syrup and strawberries. The bread was crispy, moist and tasted almost buttery. The banana and coconut manna batter gave it a slightly sweet nutty taste and texture. The coconut agave syrup and strawberries were the “cherry on top.”  Yum, yum, YUM!!! I will definitely make this recipe again in the future. 😉

download (1)

Have you ever tried vegan french toast? What’s your favorite recipe? In what ways did you jazz up the recipe to make it your own?

I Made the Cut… Team T.W.A!!!

So, it’s been 6 six years since I returned to natural and it’s been about 3 yrs since my last big chop.  I’ve cut a few inches since BC2010 (as I like to call it), but nothing drastic…

I recently made myself a promise that I just couldn’t keep. I promised that I would let my hair grow. I think I made the promise to myself based on what others wanted for me. I had mentioned previously on my personal FB page that I was thinking of cutting my hair and some of my peeps responded like I said I was cutting my wrists, lol. (Sorry guys, lol, just kidding xoxo).

I had my first haircut (on relaxed hair) at 14 years old and have been going back and forth between short haircuts, bobs and shoulder length hair ever since…

My latest urge for a haircut was born out of need for change. I don’t lack imagination when it comes to my hair. I’ve done it all: twistouts, braidouts, bantu knot outs, coil outs, twist and curls, twist and coils, updos, mini twists, styled mini twists, kinky twists, Senegalese twists, etc, and it was still time for a change.

I was going for something similar to this….

So I found a cut I liked and  called and spoke with the owner of a popular natural hair salon in Los Angeles.  I emailed her a picture of my desired cut. She paired me up with one of her stylists and we talked about the cut. He convinced me that he could achieve the desired look. I was estatic! And I excitedly made an appointment.

To make a long story short, it appeared as though the stylist was afraid to cut my hair AND he didn’t want to separate my curls. I had to keep asking “can you cut a little more?” “can you separate more, please.” After a while I just plastered an awkward smile on my face and said “I’m good.”

After the salon

This is what I got…. What the?? :/

I left the salon with a very soft, shiny, curly, coily…. mullet??? It was very short on the sides and very long in the back and on the top… :/

That night I cut my own hair and for the week wore a puff. On the weekend I walked into a barber shop and a woman in the shop tapered my sides and cut a little bit more for me.hair i cut

new cut

This is me today July 5th…

So now I finally have a cut that I’m satisfied with and that’s closer to what I was aiming for…  It’s a short, sassy, summer-y (yeah, I know that’s not really a word) and I’m gonna work it! ! 😉

Me big hair

This pic is a few months old. It’s what my stretched hair looked like prior to getting it cut…

Are you attached to your long or big hair, or do you like to switch it up from time to time? How many times have you bc’d? What have your experiences with natural hairstylists been like?

Can I Touch It?


Malliha Ahmad of lovelymali.com participates in the “You Can Touch My Hair” social experiment with took place in NYC…

There’s tons of commentary, dialogue and debate twirling around the web. It’s all been sparked by  a social experiment taking place in NYC this weekend where women are standing outside with signs that read “You can touch my hair.” I don’t have to be part of a social experiment to have strong views on this. I understand why someone would participate, but when people ask me if they can touch my hair, the answer is…. No…

Many people say that natural women make a big deal out of everything and while I can agree there may be a teeny tiny bit of truth to this statement, I disagree wholeheartedly when it comes to the most dreaded question ever (from random strangers)… “Can I touch it?”

No one’s never ever ASKED me to touch my hair, then actually WAITED for my response. They usually ask as their hands are making their way for my head, which usually means I have the screw face as I back up and politely try to turn this extremely awkward moment, into a teaching moment (Melissa Harris Perry style)… I have several reasons why touching my hair is a no-no. Here are just a few…

Respect of personal space…

I don’t like when random people get too close to me. I’m big on personal space, which is absolutely absurd because I reside in Los Angeles and my main mode of transportation is the train. Most people who ride the train have NEVER heard the term and are oblivious to its meaning… I can’t even count the times I’ve been sitting on the train (catching up on the latest episode of Scandal or trying to figure out why everyone’s so addicted Candy Crush) trying to block out the backpacks, and booties that are all in my face and personal space as people cram onto the train like sardines in a can… Even in a crowded situation, I try my best to respect the personal space of others and expect the same in return…

Respect of the human body in general…  

Hair is not just some free floating organism that’s connected to nothing, that lives and exists on its own. It actually grows out of your scalp. Which is on your head. Which is a part of your body. YOUR body. Touching someone’s hair is a personal and intimate thing…

Ponder this… A man sees a woman and he thinks she’s sexy. He likes the way her butt looks in the jeans she’s wearing. He admires the way her breasts fill out her top. He’s curious. He wants to know if she’s as soft as she looks and he wants to know if what he’s seeing is real- 100% natural. Is he allowed because of his curiosity and his intrigue to approach her and touch her behind? Is it acceptable for him to reach for her breasts and caress them as he asks for her permission? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Same thing for the hair on top of my head. Maybe you haven’t experienced some stranger shoving their hands in your hair, with their fingertips touching and caressing your scalp (without asking you). I have and I’ll just tell you, it feels horrible, and uncomfortable – no matter the compliments that accompany it, you will feel violated.


Germs: I Don’t Know Where Your Hands Have Been

I admit it. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I torture myself daily. It’s hard for me to not imagaine millions and billions of invisible microorganisms that live on door knobs, handrails, chairs, etc as I navigate through life daily. Don’t judge me…

So, when a random stranger asks me to touch my hair, I’m thinking, ugh, I don’t know where your hands have been!!! Maybe you’ve just used the restroom. We’ve all been in the restroom and watched a pair of shoes walk out of the stall next to us, then out of the bathroom entirely without hearing any dispensing of soap or running of water.

If you’re like me you’ll spend the rest of the day glancing at people’s shoes as they walk by in hopes of identifying Ms. FilthyMcNasty… (I cannot be the only one who does this!) Maybe you’ve just scarfed down your favorite meal and haven’t had time to wash your hands yet… Maybe you’ve just blown your nose. Or worse, maybe you’re a digger or a scratcher… Seriously, we all carry germs, it’s unavoidable. But what IS avoidable is me granting a random stranger permission to rub his or her mystery germs all up and through my hair…

Although I loathe the thought of random strangers coming up to me all willy-nilly, groping, grabbing at and caressing my hair… as it is with all things in life, there is an exception to the rule…

I absolutely love answering questions and providing feedback to people who are curious about returning to natural. If I’m having a discussion with someone who is considering embarking on their own natural hair journey, or someone who has returned to natural but is frustrated or in need of guidance, I actually encourage them to touch my hair.

This not-so-random stranger and I are now building a connection and at this point my guard has been let down. In moments like this, it’s all about insight, motivation, reassurance and education. In situations like these hands-on interaction is welcomed. Yes, I still cringe on the inside when I think about the germs, but there is no disregard of personal space and no intrusion.

In my opinion touching someone’s hair is intimate and personal. No one should not be judged as uptight if they deny random strangers the permission to do so….

What do you think? Do you allow random strangers to touch your hair? Why or why not?